CQB Tactical Gloves

Comfort, protection and grip should be the top priority of any tactical gloves. Why else wear them if any of these are compromised? Lucky for you, our Carbon Fiber Tactical Gloves exceed user expectations in all of these categories. Whether you're wearing them shooting, working, hiking or anything else these gloves are sure to be perfect for you!

Not only are these gloves perfect for you, they also make the perfect gift for the upcoming holiday season!

Due to extreme demand in the holiday season, please allow for 2-4 weeks to receive your products.


Please check sizing chart before purchase!

✓ 100% Suitable for any Season


✓ Carbon Fiber Armor for Increased Protection


✓ Rubber Elastic Fibers Keep Hand Comfortable and Dry


✓ Slip Resistant Material


✓ Free Shipping



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